Alpha poster

Alpha Section propaganda poster

Alpha Sections is a interplanetary mercenary group in Beyond Good & Evil led by General Kehck that is considered by a majority of the population as the heroes and defenders of Hillys and are remarkably praised for their campaign against the DomZ. Although their motives are vague, they achieve an high amount of respect from the population.

Because of the high amount of support from the Hillyan citizenry, the Alpha Section were able to quickly take over the Hillyan government.

Dismanteling of HillysEdit

Sometime before the events of Beyond Good & Evil, the Alpha Sections took over the Hillyan government and by that dismanteling the Hillyan army. Because of--unspecified-- circumstances, the Hillyan government did not sign any form of protest and left everything for the Alpha Sections.

Alpha Sections in combatEdit

These mercenary soldiers are the most numerous enemy you face in the game... though not necessarily the enemy you fight the most. The Alpha Section's armor is almost identical to that of the regular army, being the only substanstial difference--the respiratory autonomy (breathing tank), on the back and the small-visor helmet. These components limits each unit's view and hearing ability. Each unit is also equipped with a T-Hammer-- which can inflict alot of damage on Jade--and an expensively impenetrable shield. Along with also an laser-proof armor, the Alpha Section's are definitely the most skillful enemies you will encounter in Beyond Good & Evil.

Fighting strategiesEdit

Because of the Alpha Sections' limited view and hearing capabilities, it is relatively easy for Jade to sneak up behind and even alongside an Alpha Section without being detected. It should be noted that running results in an immediate awareness of the Alpha Sections, so crouch to improve your stealth and limit the awareness of the enemy

The best way to defeat an Alpha Section is by hitting the breathing tank on the back using the Gyrodisk glove. Once hit, the breathing tank malfunctions and the soldier is disabled. If there are more than 1 Alpha Sections in the area, the other will try to search for you and eventually help the 'disabled' Alpha Section.