The IRIS Network is an underground rebel organization that dispenses uncensored information regarding the war against the DomZ and the betrayal of key military, government, and corporate entities through their publication, IRIS. across 13 different systems throughout the galaxy. Their main goal is to incite the population to rise up against the Alpha Sections and the DomZ to liberate the planet of their influence and end the war.

The IRIS Network in HillysEdit

The IRIS group Jade meets represents but a mere fraction of the actual members. The Hillys team consists of only 6 members (excluding Jade and Pey'j) who send Jade to various locations owned by the Alpha Sections to take pictures exposing the truth behind their military operations. These pictures can then be shown to the people of Hillys, with the ultimate goal of creating an uprising to drive the Alpha Sections out of Hillys.

Their main base on Hillys is inside the Akuda Bar, in a secret room hidden behind a moving bookcase in room 3. From there, the IRIS operatives plan how they will show the people of Hillys the truth, and contact Jade throughout her missions with advice and other help.


These are the only members known to date that reinforce the IRIS Network:

  • Double H (infiltrator)
  • Jade (correspondent and infiltratot)