Pey'j - Repairman

"Yeah, yeah...well you guys are not what I call as fast as a speedin' bullet. Keep doing nothin'! And next time, there'd be nothin' left here to save!"Edit

Pey'j is a sus sapiens and is particularly known as Jade 's care-taking uncle. He runs the Lighthouse orphanage along with Jade. He is also a very technical maintenance man and knows his way with his tools.

Pey´j is voiced by David Gasman.


According to information in the game, sometime before the events of 'Beyond Good & Evil, Pey'j was a really close friend of Jade's parents back on their planet. They lived peacefully and happily. Due to unspecified problems with the authorities, Jade was placed under the care of Pey'j and evidently had to leave to Hillys using the Beluga, the spacecraft, that was developed and constructed by both Jade's father and P'ey'j. in Hillys, they set up a new life.


  • Though Pey'j's official profile tells he smokes cigars, he is never seen doing so in the game.
  • He's the one who built the Lighthouse shelter.
  • His S.A.C is green.
  • At the beginning of the game, Pey'j has an Mdisk in his inventory that Jade cannot interact with. This is the disk he gives her later on in the story.
  • If Jade keeps all the PA-1s to herself, Pey'j will complain that she overestimates him and will ask for one.
  • He is the only known IRIS member who has never set foot inside the IRIS den.
  • He spent three entire weeks in a DomZ energy drainer before he was saved by Jade.
  • In the Beyond Good and Evil 2 teaser-trailer, the Barranco D53 is additionally equipped with a red diode laser level.
  • When Jade aims her camera at Pey'j, he will smile and wave at her.
  • Pey'j is voiced by David Gasman, famous in the animation community for voicing Rayman and several characters in Code Lyoko.